5 Reasons To Love Off Broadway Family Theatre

When we started our show in 2011 we  didn’t know about mommy and daddy websites/blogs that keep local parents updated on the things to do with kids in tow.  What an awesome thing to see parents create new businesses around informing other parents of what to do and see in NYC!

A new mommy team caught my eye in 2016, Petite Seat.  They use Instagram in a quick and easy way to inform parents of what’s playing in NYC for kids but they go the extra mile and give parents the real tips.  (Is the age suggested accurate? Where do I park my stroller? Are there scary parts?, etc)  I’ve asked them to do a guest blog post and share their 5 Reasons To Love Off Broadway Family Theatre!

1.  Small theatres mean you are up close to the action.  Many Off Broadway theatres have less than 100 seats, so even if you are in the very last row, you’re still only a few feet from the stage, making it easier to stay engaged the whole time.

2.  Meet and greets and photos at the end of each show.  If you stick around after most of these productions, you’ll be rewarded with a chance to meet and take photos with the stars of the show.  There is no better reward for a child then meeting the actors he/she just saw on stage. Better have those cameras ready!

3.  Many are based on favorite family books.  One of our favorite tips for preparing kids for a show is to familiarize them with the subject matter.  Often children’s theatre companies select their materials from popular children’s books, so you may find your child is actually better prepared than you! (The Amazing Max may not be based on a book, but they share a theater with Vital Theater Company who is known for creating shows on books)

4.  Wallet friendly price point.  While Broadway shows can be quite expensive for a family to attend together, Off Broadway theatre can still offer a great experience at a great price point.  And discounts tend to be more readily available too.

5.  60 minutes or less.  Most Off Broadway productions geared towards family friendly audiences are 50 to 60 minutes.  The perfect amount of time before young patrons start to get too antsy. Some are longer and do have intermissions, but there vast majority have found this one hour time frame to be the perfect run length to keep the attention and momentum going for their audiences.

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