A Visit to the Children’s Medical Center in Plano, TX

The Amazing Max is so magical, he's always putting on a good magic show.
Today was a very special day!  The lovely Miss Christine and I got to spend our morning doing my favorite thing in the entire world, making children laugh.

This weekend we’re on a short tour in Texas and working with the Sci-Tech Discovery Center.  We had some time to make a stop at the Children’s Medical Center in Plano, TX and boy I am glad we did.  Seeing the smiles on those kid’s faces really made my day a little brighter.  Click HERE to see more pictures from our hospital visit.

The laughter continues because tomorrow we have we have TWO performances, Saturday 10/6/12 at 10am & 1pm at the Angelika Film Center in Plano.  BUY TICKETS NOW!

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