The Amazing Max's magic assistant is a pig.HAMLET (The Mind Reading Pig)Hamlet comes from a long line of mind reading pigs. When not performing with Max he spends his free time taking naps, rolling in mud, and making himself as smelly as possible. He likes fast cars, practical jokes, and starting trends via twitter.  #Hamlet

MIKE GRABOWSKI (Lighting Designer)
Mike is a former fire eater and sideshow geek that decided Lighting Design was a lot easier! He brings over a decade of television and theatre experience with him. During that time, he has delivered a look in a variety of types of shows all over the country: concerts, talk shows, video game launches, game shows, and more.
Recent projects include: Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2013 w/ Ryan Seacrest, AMC’s Comic Book Men, and countless Reunion Shows for Bravo. Mike has also worked with Spike, VH1, MTV, MTV2, MTV Tr3s, ABC, NBC, CBS, Howard TV, Bravo, CNN, and others. Super excited to help The Amazing Max look…amazing!

Christine began her producing career with the Off Broadway show The Amazing Max and the Box of Interesting Things.   She has extensive experience working in children’s entertainment and education.  Featured on the TODAY Show Christine taught their meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer, how to play the role of a professional party princess!   She is the owner of children’s entertainment companies Miss Christine and co-founder of A Princess Visit.  She also founded 5th Grade Ballroom Stars, a program where students learn the importance of etiquette and respect through ballroom.  Christine is an active member of the Off Broadway Alliance.

Marketing:  SRO Marketing
Press:  Richard Hillman Public Relations
Graphic Design:  James Did It!, Marian McCorkle, Jonathan Silver
Photography:  Carol Rosegg, Jeremy Daniel, Jacqueline Patton, and Vanessa Jensen