Learn Magic

Max has stepped onto a virtual stage to perform perhaps his most incredible feat ever: Getting kids truly excited about learning something and – in the process – showing them how to believe in themselves.

Since mid-March, Max has been offering virtual magic lessons, using Zoom/FaceTime to provide 30-minute classes to kids who are stuck at home … wherever home may be. Max’s students live all over the U.S. and as far away as Mexico, Finland, Kuwait, and Hong Kong.

Private and Semi Private lessons for Kids

Private lessons are intended for individual children or small family units. Semi privates are available at an additional cost per screen added.

Recommended for ages 6 -13. Fees start at $50.


Private lessons for Teens & Adults

Private lessons are intended for serious magic students to learn advanced close-up magic and sleight of hand.

Recommended for ages 14 and up. Fees start at $150.


Workshops for Teens & Adults

This is a one time workshop and gives teens and adults an excuse to do something completely brand new no matter how old you are! All attendees will learn 3-4 magic tricks they can perform themselves with simple objects they have at home (coins, dollar bill, rubber bands and deck of cards). No magic experience is required!

Upcoming date! April 20, 2021 (Tuesday) at 5pm ET


Virtual Group lessons (4 or more kids)

Group lessons are intended for 6 or more kids. Groups are created based on age groups and levels. Fees start at $30.


Buy an e-Gift Card

Want to gift a lesson to someone but don’t know what day/time works for them? Get them an e-gift card instead and they can use it anytime that is convenient for them.


What can you expect from your magic lesson?

Introductory classes involve 2-3 magic tricks using basic objects found in their homes – paper clips, dollar bills, spoons and similar items.

No experience is required, and Max works with each child to help them master their tricks. In just 30 minutes, kids have a lot of fun, learn something new and – perhaps best of all – experience a true sense of accomplishment. The lessons, which are fun and highly interactive, are best suited to kids ages 6 and older.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far out to does Max book up?

Slots fill up quickly and only available two weeks out. If you can’t find a slot that works join the waiting list.

What time zone is Max coming from?

We’re currently in Eastern Standard Time Zone, but working around the world so if you’re in a different time zone but don’t see a time that works please email us, we’d love to accommodate if possible.

I don’t want a private lesson, I’d like to learn about a group experience!

If you’re looking to schedule a private group, discuss mentorship opportunities, or theater virtual experiences please contact christine@theamazingmax.com

I’m interested in a magic lesson for a teenager or adult, does Max offer that?

When working with teenagers/adults Max recommends a 45 minute session.  The rates for adult magic lessons are $150 for 45 minutes. Please contact christine@theamazingmax.com