Max Cares


Max Cares provides opportunities to experience live performances, workshops and private meet-and-greets with Max Darwin (The Amazing Max) for underprivileged, terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children and their families. Through magic and the healing abilities of laughter, Max Cares aims to empower and engage children that otherwise would not have an opportunity to experience live theater or interactive dramatic play due to various circumstances. Max Cares focuses on the individual needs of each child or group, and crafts an unforgettable performance that through laughter and wondrous theatrical happenings, leaves the audience spellbound! 


Every child deserves a little magic in their lives, especially those facing big challenges. But some circumstances limit families and their ability to seek out these opportunities. Max Cares envisions a world where every child, regardless of their health or financial situation, is given the chance to be immersed in a magical world of imagination and wonder. 

Max Darwin, The Amazing Max, first appeared on stage before he could walk! His history of performance comes with a passion for connecting with audiences and serving his community. Max pictures a world filled with laughing children who can, even just for a moment, forget about whatever burdensome situation they may be facing and live in the magical moment of Theater!