Meet Ariana Jalia

If I told you I had a friend who was SEVEN years old and had written 3 books would you believe me?  And they aren’t kids picture books with a few words added in.  THEY’RE YOUNG ADULT NOVELS.  It was a joy to see my sweet and talented friend Ariana Jalia at the show recently.  Does this young lady know how to dress for a day at the theatre or what?

Image result for ariana Jalia Big ShotsYou might recognize Ariana from her appearance on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey.  Ariana helped me on stage and washer normal radiant charismatic self.  She brought the house down.

The last time I saw Ariana she was 5 and had written her first TWO books.  So I wasn’t completely shocked when after a fun time at the show we got to catch up, she gave me a thousand hugs, and then surprised ME with a gift,  A pre release copy of her new THIRD and longest book  “AJ and  The Hidden Secret Door”.

Ariana’s life and book are FILLIED WITH MAGIC!  The story takes place in Magicikin land, a place that exists just past where the son meets the horizon. (HOW BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE IS THAT!?)  Magicikin land is home to the Magickins,”fairy like” creatures, my words not hers, that are made from “light magic and sparkle throughout the day.”  (I mean WHAT?!)

What I think is incredible is not just that Ariana wrote this wonderful book but that she built an entire magical world where a multitude of stories could take place, where this story is only the beginning!  There’s even a code of conduct for Magicikin land!  In order to keep happiness through out the land all magicikins must follow the six laws found in the “Code of Conduct”

  1. Be kind and work together
  2. Protect all Magicikins from Wickedness
  3. Only use Magic for good
  4. Protect the land and all creatures from harm
  5. Respect every type of life and Magic
  6. Always keep some Sunshine Magic in your heart

Ariana’s future is so bright.  Check out her website  or follow her on instagram.  Cannot WAIT to see what she does next.  As Ariana says, “Enjoy the Magical Journey!”


PS – I LOVE this picture!




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