The Amazing Max gives his assistant each a magic wand, if they catch it!

Origins of Magic–Magic Wands

Perhaps the oldest and most famous magician’s tool is the magic wand. But where did the tradition of the magic wand come from? Believe it or not, the picture above is of  a magic wand from ancient Egypt! In fact, wands and references to wands can be found across history and across the globe, from Central Asia to Europe to Indigenous traditions right here in America.

Even though the source of their power varies depending on where you are (wands from Egypt like the one above were meant to draw on the powers of the snake goddess) their purpose is always the same; to channel magic into a specific place for a specific purpose.

The Amazing Max gives each assistant a magic wand at every show!Guess What?
The Amazing Max gives out 8 magic wands to his assistants during every performance of The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things!

Try using your imagination and making your own magic wand at home with stuff around your house!

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