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18-19 New Victory LabWorks

“The New Victory Labworks program fosters the creation of new work for young audiences and champions innovative, adventuresome performing arts for audiences of all ages.

I have always admired The New Victory Theatre for all they in presenting the best family shows in the world.  It’s exciting and humbling, to say that I’m one of the 10 artists that has been selected to be a part of the 2018-19 New Victory LabWorks program!

Along with my close friend and collaborator Alex Dinelaris, our goal is to tell you a story in a way you’ve never seen before….. oooooooh suspense.  We will be working on it all year and are thrilled to know that New Vic sees the same amount of adventure and potential in the project as we do.  And heads up,  while your time spent with us at the theatre will definitely have magic involved the show is not itself a “magic” show.

We’re still in our beginning phases of the process and just recently had our first LabWorks meeting where I got to meet all the other artists.  Everyone was lovely and each project was COMPLETELY different than the next.  And they all sounded fascinating.  Check out the full list of this years 2018/19 LabWorks artists.  They also gave us a little backstage tour where I learned some very cool history about the theatre.  See my video below! (Also I really like the sticker I put on my folder.  That’s my friend.  I call him meatball.)

So much more to come as we start this journey with Labworks.  I’ll keep you posted…








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